New Way to Fight MRSA

Zone Innovations has invented a new paper towel that acutally stops the spread of MRSA.

How does it work? Well the paper towels contain micro-capsules filled with surface sterilizing agents. When used, the steriling agent releases the sterilizers and coat your hands with protection against MRSA. The paper towels can actually prevent the growth of MRSA, and kill any of the bugs.

The proper with regular paper towels is that they are breeding grounds for bacteria. Regular paper towels are warm and wet when we throw them away, making them the perfect place for bacteria. With the new paper towel, bacteria are actually killed instead of breeded.

The company plans on using the same micro-capsule technology to create an aerosol that would kill germs on contact. Because the sterilizers don't release until touched, this type of aerosol would last mught longer than traditional aerosol sprays.