New Way to Fight MRSA

The MRSA bacteria can stay in the nasal passage and then be passed through skin contact. Because of MRSA's connection to the nasal passage, SinoFresh HealthCare has decided to create a nasal spray product to fight the MRSA bacteria. The thought is that if the spray can kill the colonies in your nose, you will not pass it along and infect others.

At any time there is about 2-3 million people in the US who have MRSA hiding in their nasal passages. Currently, if you have an active MRSA infection, the doctor will most likely prescribe Mupirocin (Bactroban) to be applied with a sanitized q-tip. Recently, researchers have found that the bacteria may be gaining resistance to Muprocin. A crucial step in stopping the spread of MRSA is finding a way to control these nasal resevoirs of the bacteria.

The nasal spray by SinoFresh promises to be different from Mupirocin not only in that a nasal spray is easier to apply than a gel, but also in the ingredients. Instead of an antibiotic, which has the potenetial of resistance, SinoFresh will use physical means to destroy the bacterial cell walls and membranes.

This product is not yet on the market, and research is not complete to justify its efficacy, but any new innovation in the war against MRSA is welcomed by the millions who have suffered from the bacteria.